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How To Get Your New Countertops In Five Steps:

1. Get a FREE Estimate

- Bring a drawing of your project to our Showroom.

- Or send by Email:

- Or FAX: (860)-310-2982

There is always no cost and no obligation!

2. Select your Material

Either using our web site (click on Materials) or by visiting our showroom, select which material you wish to use for your counter tops.  We have samples of all of our Classic and Special Order granite colors, plus all of the quartz colors in our showroom. Full slabs of our Classic granite inventory are also available for viewing in our slab yard.

3. Sign a Sales Order

Once you have selected your material and decided on which options you desire, we require a signed Sales Order to put you on our calendar.  We usually have a 1-2 week backlog of work, often longer during the summer construction season.  In other words, from the time you sign up until we can actually start the work can be 1-2 weeks, so plan ahead.  If you have selected a Classic Granite you may hand-pick your slabs from our yard .  If you have selected Special Order, we will instruct you on how to visit our hand selected warehouse. Quartz and other engineered stones are so consistent that you can order directly from the samples.

4. Template

On the specified Template date, our experienced counter top fabricators will come out to your location and create an exact "template" of your counter top to ensure the best possible fit.  You will need to be all ready by this date - existing counter tops, if any, will need to be completely removed - all new sinks, cook tops, and other appliances should be on-site for templates and accurate measurements.

5. Installation & Completion

We will install your new counter top on the specified Install date, which is normally 3-5 days after the Template date.  During our walk through, we will explain proper care and maintenance of your new granite or quartz counter top

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